Great story and delicious sorbet.

They don’t refer to themselves as CEO’s or owners, they’re ‘laborers’.  “A lot of people like to say that they’re the CEO of this or owner of that, I always say we’re the laborers, we do everything, mop the floors, every single thing as a small business owner” says Elvis Percentie. After all, Shiver Premium Ice Cream which he and Melissa Darville started two years ago is the quintessential ‘home business’. It currently markets 10 flavors of sorbet such as mango, passion fruit, tamarind and soursop; made with real fruit, no preservatives.


“Elvis bought me a small ice cream machine for my birthday and we would make ice cream on the weekends when we had family barbecues. From there, he said we should try and see if we could make this into a business. We ran into the passion fruit and the tamarind and we said let’s try making sorbets…

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