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‘Make Drones Your Way’

Drones are becoming increasingly popular world wide among hobbyists as well as professionals. For Ambrose Cartwright, a 16-year-old 11th grade student at Bishop Michael Eldon High School Freeport, his interest in drone building began in earnest more than a year ago when he decided to build a solar powered quad-copter for his school’s 10th grade science fair.


“I have always been interested in how things work and what I could do to better my society. As I grew my curiosity grew stronger and stronger. For my 10th grade science fair I decided to build a solar powered quadcopter. I won first place in my division and my interest really began to escalate from there. I then got a tricopter for my Christmas present and it’s on its 10th revision right now. I also built a mini tricopter to go with it,” says the aspiring mechanical engineer.

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