Food & Dining

It’s Shiver

They don’t refer to themselves as CEO’s or owners, they’re ‘laborers’.  “A lot of people like to say that they’re the CEO of this or owner of that, I always say we’re the laborers, we [Read More]

Health & Wellness

Fitness is a lifestyle…

  ‘Alarming’, is how certified fitness trainer and Outdoor Fitness founder Craig Walkine describes  findings by the World Health Organisation (WHO) which ranks The Bahamas as the 6th most obese country in the world, based [Read More]

Real Estate & Construction

Growing business and community

The inner city communities are filled with potential; future doctors, lawyers, politicians, actors, businessmen, potential ‘world changers’ as Leonard Sands would call them. Sands describes himself as an inner city kid, one of the ‘corner [Read More]